Could you use some high-powered help?

Do you have multiple game-changing, revenue-exploding, business-building projects you’d like to put into play, but not enough staff and resources to get them moving at full speed?

You’re in the right place. I help smart clients just like you with:

• Crafting brand-perfect content and messaging that turns readers into buyers.

• Handling your marketing work and freeing you up to do what you do best.

• Confidently managing your projects, large and small, so that you can relax and grow your business, customers, and profits.

Put the power to work for you.

My entire focus is to help you succeed. You’ll benefit from my 20 years of design, copywriting and online marketing experience, with specialist knowledge in consumer psychology, web design and development, online event production, and project management.

Plus I’m awfully nice. Also painfully well-organized. And utterly obsessed with getting it done.

If you’re ready for high-caliber service, a business support partner you can rely on, and plenty of high-fives along the way, I’ve got you covered.

Contact me today. Tell me about your project. And let’s get it done!



“I couldn’t do the projects I do without Lisa. Projects of all sizes involve a ton of details. I’m a ‘big picture’ person, and I like to dream big things. What I love about working with Lisa is that I get to concentrate on creating, and she makes my ideas happen. She lets me forget about all of the details because I know it’ll happen, and she’s tough enough to make SURE it’ll happen.”

Johnny B. Truant, Business Consultant, Podcaster, Author

“On our latest email copy that she wrote for a new product line converted 29.4% better than our other copywriter we had been using for years, and that was for bottom line revenue! Lisa is a complete professional and I would recommend her highly to anyone looking to test their current copywriter or if they are just starting out. She pays for herself multiple times over. Thanks Lisa!”

Julia Lundstrom, Owner | Okuma Nutritionals

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