About Me

I am a professional writer and marketer with more than 20 years of experience.

I started out writing and designing interactive museum exhibits, and over the years I’ve done everything from graphic design, website building, and ghostwriting to business launches and virtual conference production and management. Writing – my first love – has been the constant theme, and if it involves pixels, I’ve probably been there, loved that.

In addition to having a husband and three sons, I’m a competitive boxer. Which is probably why no gargantuan online project (or teenager) has ever scared me. Much.

Say Goodbye to Stress

I consider it my job to take the stress off of you. Isn’t it time to have someone you can trust with the zillion details so that you can focus on the big picture for a change?

I design and build mobile-responsive websites, handle marketing,  manage large projects, write mountains of content for my own businesses and for clients, and I make sure none of the details get overlooked.

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Ready to Make More Money, Work Fewer Hours?

If you’re hungry for results and tired of trying to do everything yourself… Or if you’ve been telling yourself that you REALLY need to get your site professionally written, set up an autoresponder that actually converts, or finally launch that online event…

Contact me via email, or phone me at 919-824-1296.

Even if you aren’t sure about exactly what you need, we can discuss it and get enough of an idea about your work that the project gets underway without delay.


“Having worked with Lisa for over seven years I can say she consistently delivers top-notch content as a professional writer. She has a firm grasp on how to write toward business goals. She brings fresh insights to our strategy sessions and approaches marketing with a focus on results. I can recommend Lisa without reservation.”

Jeff Tippett, Outreach Strategist | Calvert Creative