What kind of work do you handle?

I’m primarily a writer, marketer, and project manager. I also build WordPress websites and help clients maintain their sites. I’ve spent many years doing design work. There aren’t too many online marketing areas I’ve not worked in! Just don’t ask me to do custom code, not even for a wine slushie. I contract that out, whew!

I’m just a small business owner with a website. But I’d like for my website to bring in more business. Can you help me with that?

You don’t have to know much about marketing to work with me. That’s what I bring to our partnership. I can evaluate your site and help you put together a workable marketing strategy based on your particular business goals and target market. And I can also help you implement that strategy.

What kind of writing do you do?

I’ve written and edited a wide variety of subjects, and I tend to do most of my work in women’s interest, relationships, self-help, writing and marketing. I write ebooks, online courses, articles and reports, web pages, emails and autoresponders, sales pages, video scripts and pretty much anything else you can think of. I also hire and manage other awesome writers for you when a team is needed.

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My business doesn’t have a website yet. Can you build one for me?

I build websites (like this one) using WordPress. This allows the client to be able to easily access and update their own content — if they want to — without ever having to know code.

I also offer website maintenance contracts, so that your site stays clean and functional. My contracts include an hour each month during which I’ll make any content changes or additions you’d like to have done on the site.

How do I get started working with you?

You contact me with the details of your project, I send you an estimate, you make a payment for 50% of the total cost, and we’re off and running! What could be easier?

There are freelance writers in other countries working for really cheap rates. Why is your rate so much more expensive?

Most of the low-priced writers are not native English speakers, and their content is often not up to par for a serious online business. In addition, they will not be writing with good search engine optimization in mind, or for best user engagement and satisfaction.

Sometimes I am hired to bring “cheap” writing up to corporate grade, but it’s entirely more efficient to begin with an experienced, high-quality writer and marketer.

Do you do proofreading or other editing?

Yes. I can do simple proofreading for your content, or more complex copy editing and/or structural editing. I don’t typically handle fact-checking or reference citations.

What about SEO?

If your website isn’t optimized to rank well in search results, you won’t be able to get the traffic you’re hoping for. I can write or proofread your online copy with an eye toward excellent search engine optimization, and can suggest and make upgrades in accordance with your business goals and target market. Contact me and find out more!

I don’t have the time to keep up our blog and editorial calendar. Can you handle that?

Absolutely. I can also find stock imagery to illustrate your posts, upload, format, tag, and schedule each one for publication on your timeline.

How often should I be publishing content to my business blog?

It depends on your goals, but generally speaking you should be offering quality content at least once a week. Many clients publish three times a week in order to have sufficient content for a weekly newsletter to their list. The main thing is to offer valuable content, so that you aren’t just trying to meet quantity goals. I also recommend doing some testing to see what your conversion rates are with more frequent publishing.

Is there anything you don’t do?

I haven’t learned to ride a motorcycle yet. And I don’t write code. But if you need something done in the marketing field that I don’t normally handle, I can probably give you a good recommendation!