I’ve been writing and publishing both print and online books for ten years now. I can help you outline, write, and edit your new book. I can design your book cover, build your author website, and help you publish online.

In the Beginning

Sometimes “just getting started” is where you are.

And that’s perfectly fine. I help people get their book outlines written (finally!), refined, and expanded. It’s not hard, and usually by the end of 3 coaching sessions, you have a beautiful, organized, clear-cut outline to write from. That was easy!


In the thick of it

A solution for every stage of the process

Maybe you’re ready for an edit. Might be a big structural edit, might be light copy edits only. Or you’re ready for a cover design. Or an elegant and powerful author website to share the word about your books, showcase your regular writing on your blog, or even let people purchase books, custom totes, or other related merchandise. You can host an events page on your website, connect fans, and promote your upcoming work, too.

And maybe you want or have a traditional publisher. Yay, you! Way to go. But just like recording artists and other creatives, more and more authors are choosing to self publish. I can help you publish on Amazon (print and digital) and also sell books from your own website.


“Lisa Creech Bledsoe writes in a way that is persuasive, compelling and evocative. Whether she is working with clients and their needs in the marketplace or helping individuals give voice to their own story, Lisa’s creativity and experience are matched by her intuitive nature. Her strengths as a stellar listener and visual artist combine with her writing skills to create a powerful resource for companies and individuals alike.”

Julie Hilton Steele, Non-fiction Author & Book Reviewer


Flip Your Classroom

Outline, Edit, Cover

Flip Your Classroom

Write Your Poetry

Write, Edit, Cover

Write Your poetry

Dying to Go on Vacation

Structural Edit

Dying To Go On Vacation

Wolf Laundry

Write, Edit, Cover, Publish

Wolf Laundry

Write Your Poetry

Outline, Write, Edit, Cover, Publish

Badass Writing Series

The next big step in your book project is easy:  Let’s talk!