Howdy! The best way to reach me is email. If you want to have a conversation on the phone, message me in advance so that I’ll have your number, be in range of a cell phone tower (I live in the sticks!), and know to pick up. My P.O. box is below, but I only visit it about twice a year. I know. I’m a hermit. But great on email.┬á­čÖé


P.O. Box 16
Zionville, North Carolina  28698


(919) 824-1296


“I strongly recommend working with Lisa! She has become an extremely valuable partner working with our team to redesign our website, create social media posts with excellent writing and meaningful content, and maintain our newsletters. She takes the time to get to know her clients and understand why they do what they do so that her design work aligns with the core values of the company. She is truly a valuable addition to our team.”

Mia Pumo, Co-founder, Constructive Learning Design