You have questions. You might find the answers below. And if you don’t, get in touch! We’ll figure it out together.

How much does a website, online course, or other item cost?

Excellent question, and I won’t put you off by saying “it depends” because you already know that bit. Most of the websites I build start at $1,500. Adding shopping carts, sign-up forms, autoresponders and so forth increases the cost. Online courses run the gamut from$2,000 to $12,000. Book editing might be as low as $500, coaching you to your own new book outline, or designing a cover for your book is typically $200-$400. Individual blog posts and articles run about $100 each. Does that help?

How long will it take to get my book finished, or my website or online course live?

The most common bottleneck for ALL of the projects I come on board with is content. If you already have an idea of what you want your content to be, you are way ahead! That said, most websites take 3 weeks. Incorporating sales of any kind adds to your cost and the time it takes. Most courses take 4-6 weeks. A book cover is a week. Copyediting your book might take 2 weeks. Let me know what your specific project is, including where you are on your content, and I’ll give you a good free estimate.

Do you use WordPress?

Sure do! I’ve been building with WordPress since 2006, when I started my first blog. I can also handle setting up your hosting, getting you a good domain name, and installing everything you’ll need. Once you go live, I have site maintenance packages for $100/month. I can also help you learn to maintain and run your site yourself.

Do you design logos?

I do. And I do logos in a range of ways. You might only need a logo for your online site, or you might just need one you already have converted for online use. That’s the simplest scenario, and the least expensive. And you might be looking for a full design package, with multiple sizes and orientations for all sorts of applications, which of course costs more. But you might not really “need” a logo at all! You might just want your name or brand at the top of your site or course. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best!

I also design flyers, posters, banners, online ads, event pages, and other items to support your business.

What software do you use to build courses?

I use LearnDash as my Content Management System (CMS), which makes your online course incredibly user- and owner-friendly. It’s still built on your host, with your domain name, and it’s entirely custom to fit your needs. LearnDash allows you to build robust quizzes, drip-feed content, incorporate forums, award certificates, and all sorts of other fun things.

Why do I need a website or course maintenance contract? Once it's done it's done, right?

The internet shifts and changes at a crazy rate. Web standards are upgraded and algorithms change multiple times every month, and your website needs to keep up or things will begin to get dangerously outdated or broken, and it will start to damage your brand. Un-maintained sites are also prime targets for hackers, and it doesn’t even matter if you’re doing sales or not. I learned this the hard way when one of my very first sites got hacked and pointed to a porn site. Now you know why I learned to do regular site maintenance all those years ago.

Every one of my maintenance plans also includes an hour of “on call” support, during which I’m happy to make the routine, minor changes every individual or business needs. Price shifts, new product offerings, fresh images or copy… You let me know what you need, and I make it happen!

I'm really (really) not web-savvy. I have no idea how all this works. Is it crazy for me to think I could run a course or website?

You are in exactly the right place! I specialize in helping people who have never built a site and desperately don’t want to have to learn. WordPress and LearnDash (the courseware I use) are the most user-friendly pieces of software around, and I don’t leave you high and dry once things are built and running. You can count on me to explain how to publish articles to your new blog, or add a unit to your course. And that’s also the beauty of my monthly maintenance package: you get an hour of my time each month beyond what I’m doing to keep your site clean and secure. Use that time to ask me anything!

What hidden costs are associated with websites, online courses, or books?

This question is so important. With a website or a course you should expect to pay for hosting ($10/month and up), your domain name ($15/year), potentially some premium plugins ($30+/each). Your LearnDash license will be about $200/year. I get a lot of imagery for free on places like Unsplash or Pexels, but a stock image, audio, or video subscription can be pricey. If your site or course uses a lot of video, you’ll want a third party host like Vimeo.

And the biggest hidden cost of websites, courses, or books is this: marketing. Getting the word out about your brand or offering takes time, energy, and money. So you might pay someone to do it, or learn to do that yourself, but you’ll almost certainly spend money either way.

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