Online Courses

Why not teach what you love? Turn something that you do in person into an online experience. You can even put your book into an online course format with all sorts of multimedia to enhance it for your readers…

Give yourself a fresh income stream

Earn money by sharing what you know

Online courses can give you additional income streams without putting heavy demands on your time and energy. Your course can be written content, video, audio, or any combination you can dream up.

You set your own price, completely control your  content, and gain the authority and trust that comes with successfully helping others learn what they want to know.

Teach what you know with an online course
Taking an online course is convenient!


Online courses are convenient & flexible

High involvement or low: Your course can be entirely hands-off for you, or you can dive in with your students and include forums, feedback, and other interactions.

Always available, always in stock: Online courses allow people to start when they’re ready, dive in immediately, and learn at their own pace.

Make your book interactive: Reading a print book is wonderful. What if you added video, audio, quizzes, forums or other interactive content to your book? It’s extra income for you, and yet another way to get your book into the world.

So many content options: Your course can be written content, video, audio, or any combination you can dream up. You can include quizzes, tests, forums, and downloads. Sky’s the limit!

Web development, handcrafts, languages, yoga, coding, relationship building, photography, baking, math; nearly any kind of professional or hobbyist training lends itself to an online course!

The courses I build are 100% Custom

If you build your course on a third-party platform, you have to operate by their rules. If they only want $10 courses, that’s what you’re stuck with. You don’t get to make everything fit your brand. I build online courses on your host, with your domain, according to the way you want to have everything done, from style, color palette, pacing, and pricing: your course is entirely your own.

You only have to know ONE thing to get started…

All you need to know is what you want to teach. And if you already have a course written, you’re way ahead of the game! But you don’t need to know a thing about hosting, shopping carts, or how a course is built; that’s what I bring to the (online) table!

Your new course begins with a simple conversation. Let’s talk!