My Rates & Contact

My basic rate is $95/hour.

If you hire me for a larger project ($3k – $8k) I can give you a better rate. Once I understand the scope of your project, I will give you a detailed estimate and timeline… and a rate you can make money with.

Let’s get your project started right away!

Contact me via email, Facebook, or LinkedIn, or phone me at 919-824-1296 and we can get started.

Looking for my snailmail address?

Lisa Creech Bledsoe | 561 West Peak Rd. | Creston, NC 28615

Still have questions?

You can check my FAQ page, or drop me a note and I’ll do my best to answer them. I’ll look forward to working with you.



“Lisa Creech Bledsoe writes in a way that is persuasive, compelling and evocative. Whether she is working with clients and their needs in the marketplace or helping individuals give voice to their own story, Lisa’s creativity and experience are matched by her intuitive nature.  Her strengths as a stellar listener and visual artist combine with her writing skills to create a powerful resource for companies and individuals alike.”

Julie Hilton Steele, Non-Fiction Author & Book Reviewer