Virtual Event Strategy and Production

Virtual events are conferences and webinars where people participate online, rather than or in addition to traveling to a physical venue. Virtual events reliably drive leads and sales, boost your authority, and increase your business visibility and reach.

Here’s Why Your Next Event Should Be Virtual

  1. Your business and your customers save money. A virtual event lets everyone save on travel, hotel, event space rental and other costs.
  2. An online event is more convenient for everyone. People can access it any time, as often as desired, from home, from work, or anywhere there’s internet access.
  3. Virtual events are much easier to measure. You’ll know what presentations your registrants viewed most and least, what they downloaded, what questions they asked, and how frequently they logged in, among other details.
  4. You can sell your online event over and over again. In addition to holding the same webinar at regular dates (each month, for example), you can also repackage and sell the content by creating articles to distribute, “mini-conferences” from related sessions, ebooks, and other items.
  5. Live, “in-person” events benefit from a virtual component, too. This allows those who attended (but who weren’t able to catch all the sessions) to conveniently access the content any time from any computer. You can sell a ticket to the live event, and an additional ticket for online access to all of the content.

Don’t Let Your Uncertainty Keep You From Making Money!

If you’re like many people just now beginning to use this powerful marketing tool, you may have been uncertain about cost, technical needs, or how to create and offer a virtual event.

No more worries. The slightly obsessive, bossy, and annoyingly organized project manager in me loves producing online events.

I’ll help you strategize and plan your virtual event, determine the best technology to use, and hire and manage the people you need to make it all work. I can write your sales copy, too. We’ll even figure out the best possible follow-ups to keep your customers in your sales funnel and continuing to buy from you again and again.

Are You Ready to Boost Your Your Income with a Virtual Event?

Just send me an email and tell me what kind of virtual event you’re thinking about launching, or fill me in on what you’re already doing. The sooner we chat, the sooner we can Get It Done!