Writing & Editing

Whether you need a newsletter, online course, website content, blog, or even an entire book written and/or edited, I can help.


Engaging content with a natural voice

I write confident, personable copy that convinces your audience that you’re offering exactly what they need. I’ll use the voice of your brand and language that compels without being pushy. You’ll have them from hello.

You’ll build a base of loyal fans, which ultimately increases your bottom line. Which feels pretty awesome, right?


Light copyediting, or more detailed, structural edits

I help you create a smooth, comfortable ride for your audience from first visit to loyal fan or repeat buyer.

I can do light copyediting, just cleaning up small typos, syntax, and grammar, or I can do more heavy-duty work, helping you get structural changes in place.

I specialize in writing for online readers, using the correct Flesch Kincaid reading levels, optimizing for SEO, and making sure every necessary bit of metadata is in place.

When you need special reports, ebooks, or newsletters and emails that highlight and promote your business, I’ll be there to get your existing content into brand-perfect content and messaging.

“There is no time for despair, no place for self-pity, no need for silence, no room for fear. We speak, we write, we do language. That is how civilizations heal.” —Toni Morrison

Content I Can Write for You

I have a long-running love affair with paper and pen. At age 15 I bought my first blank journal in an airport in Amsterdam, just as I was setting out to hostel through Europe. Since then I have filled dozens of journals, and as the internet developed I began to realize my writing skills were salable. Over the years I’ve been employed by individuals and businesses to write many types of content. I write for personal pleasure and for business, pretty much every day. I might be obsessed, but that could work out nicely for you if you have an idea you want to get out into the world, or a business in need of content. And yes, I’ve been ghostwriting for years, too. That means I write in your voice and with your direction, and you put your name or byline on it!

Blog Posts  •  Books  •  Articles  • Newsletters  •  Website Pages  •  Online Courses  •  Shopping Cart Content  •  Autoresponders  •  Affiliate Content

I also coach clients through writing their own content

This is a lot more fun that you might anticipate, and crazy easy. We set up a series of calls (usually 3) and I help you sort through the giant pile of ideas in your head, and coach you through the process of getting your outline written. Then I help you refine and expand your outline until voilà! You have your book work laid out in lovely, well-organized sections, and can begin your writing! And if you still need someone working alongside you, coaching, editing, and assisting, I’m here and ready to help.


“Having worked with Lisa for over seven years I can say she consistently delivers top-notch content as a professional writer. She has a firm grasp on how to write toward business goals. She brings fresh insights to our strategy sessions and approaches marketing with a focus on results. I can recommend Lisa without reservation.”

Jeff Tippett, Founder @ Targeted Persuasion

Let’s talk, and you can tell me what will work best for you!